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Stockholm Discoveries / Anna Brostrom

One of my favorite stores in Stockholm quickly became Design Torget.  It’s like a Brick and Mortar Etsy store of Swedish Designers & Artists.  I quickly found my treasure in the store, lovely pieces of pottery created by Anna Brostrom.  I desperately wanted to bring back every mug, candle holder and planter they had available…and took no less 4 visits back to the store debating on what I could get and trying to find answer to my dilemma as to how I could actually get these delicate pieces home. I settled on 4 mugs for myself and 2 surprises for my BFF and managed to somehow get them home unbroken, carrying them by my hands only all the way back to Philadelphia.  Stop in the store and check out her work (among others) if you find yourself in Stockholm…Anna’s pieces are drool worthy.


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