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Stockholm Discoveries / Ingela Arrhenius

Recently, my family and I traveled to Stockholm, Sweden.  Stunning City full of amazing and inspirational design.  Two weeks in I felt as if I was barely scratching the surface of the design world that flourishes there.  Most days there were spent perusing any sort of boutique, gallery or museum that satiated my children.  Through these journey’s we stumbled on some really interesting artists.  My first discovery Ingela Arrhenius, her colorful and playful illustrations stole the heart of my children and I both.  My oldest fell quickly for her Matryoshka dolls she created for OMM Design. I desperately wanted to find a signed print by the artist and wrote her personally although I was not expecting a response.  (used to the typical non-response I would expect to get if I’d done the same thing in the States).  To my surprise, she wrote me back right away thanking me for the compliments and answered all my questions.  Wow, how nice!  She is as lovely as her work.



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